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Moroccan Twitter bots ? Yeah, they exist !

Moroccan Twitter bots ? Yeah, they exist !

It has been a while since the last time i coded a Twitter bot, then i remembered that i had couple of bots that were hanging in the wild ...

@Wikiquote Arabic

It was like 2 years ago when i was an active member in Wikimedia Morocco, i created a small Wikiquote bot that tweets quotes extracted from Wikiquote Arabic.

Unfortunately, the original Twitter account (@WikiquoteArabic) got suspended for an "unusual behaviour", but today i decided to bring it alive again under a new name: @WikiquoteArabi ...

What you have to do is just to ask "it" (Honestly, "him" sounds better to me) in Arabic to give you a proverb about a subject that you want to hear about: "حدثني عن الحكمة" (EN: Talk to me about wisdom)

If it couldn't understand the tweet, you can try again with one of the replied suggestions.


The Moroccan Prime Minister Mr. Abdelilah Benkirane has an intriguing personality that caught interest of the Moroccan population with his unusual statements, outgoing and un-calculated declarations in the Moroccan political scene, so i decided to create (just for fun) a bot that mentions his most known expressions whenever there is a tweet that mentions his name.

With all due respect to him and his supporters.

Playing with fire might be dangerous sometimes ...

Interesting Twitter bots

Here is a list of the available bots that you might be interested to follow:

If there is any bots i couldn't mention here, please let me know on the comments or send me an e-mail to [email protected].

P.S: I will publish the source code of those bots in the near future.

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